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    Our most important motto has been customer satisfaction since we started to serve in the International Transport sector in 1991.

    Thanks to our self-owned vehicles and equipment which we can monitor 24 hours a day with the satellite tracking system in Euro5 - Euro6 norms which are owned all over Europe, especially in Italy, we offer the fastest and the most reliable transportation service possible.

    The control, storage, distribution processes and information flow of your loads are provided at the fastest level through our agencies in Trieste and Milan, Italy.

    Since its establishment, Omtrans Logistics Inc. has focused on customer satisfaction with its services and vehicle investments without making any concessions on the principled and professional logistics assurance it offers.

    Omtrans Logistics Inc. will continue to be the preferred logistics company with solutions that attach great importance to the understanding of alternative solution partners, believe in its values, set an example for the business environment in social responsibility and green logistics, and provide a competitive advantage.

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    Green logistics
    Green logistics is the production and distribution of products in a sustainable way and taking into account environmental and social factors.
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